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Plumbing Services

We are Southlake TX’s #1 Plumber. We have been providing the areas top plumbing services to the community for over 10 years. We take great pride in our craft and work hard to ensure you are happy with all of our services. When you have a clogged pipe or low flowing drain, need a new plumbing design for a remodel or have a new home being built, we have you covered for all of your plumbing design, install or service needs.

Pro Plumbers Southlake

Pro Plumber is a professional plumbing service provider in Southlake, Texas. We pride ourselves on meeting all plumbing needs for residential and commercial buildings. If you are in Southlake, you can take advantage of our expert services. 

We render a wide range of professional plumbing services, including installations, repairs, and maintenance. At Pro Plumber, we are growth-oriented. We use the latest tools, equipment, and approaches to render our services. Our workers are trained and well certified in different areas of plumbing. 

We are licensed and insured to operate in Southlake, Texas. Our plumbers follow the laws governing plumbing services in the area and make sure that we don’t break any laws. Moreover, we ensure the interests of our customers with a good customer service policy.


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Plumber using an adjustable pipe wrench to thread a pipe fitting

Plumbing Services

At Pro Plumbers, we offer one of the most comprehensive plumbing services you can find in Southlake and other areas of Texas. Whatever plumbing issue you have, you will need a professional to handle it to prevent causing other damages. This is why Pro Plumbers are available for your services. We have a rich mix of plumbing services that you can use.

Whether you are building a house newly or you are upgrading, we can handle all your plumbing installations professionally. We are experts in all kinds of plumbing installations, including water heaters, drain and sewer systems, water supply and circulation, and so on. We can render plumbing services in any part of your building including the bathroom, kitchen, and outdoors, including your roof.

Plumbing Installations

Plumbing installation is one aspect of construction that has to be taken seriously. The problem with some residential and commercial construction is that the plumbing installations are not professionally done. This often leads to plumbing issues that can necessitate excess spending. If you are in Southlake Texas, this should not be your experience because you have our professional installation services to hire. We render a wide range of professional plumbing installation services for:

Hot and cold water supply

We are experts in plumbing services that ensure water supply and circulation in residential as well as commercial buildings. We ensure water flows to your kitchen, toilet, and other areas of the house. We install pipes and fixtures to ensure the supply of hot and cold water to essential areas of the house.

Water and sewer system

We offer plumbing installation services that ensure waterborne wastes are effectively disposed of. We handle all kinds of sewage and drainage systems that will serve you for a long time. We install sanitary sewers for any kind of residential and commercial building. We also install storm sewers.

Water heater installation

We can install water heaters in your home effectively. If you have a business space you want to be more comfortable and install water heaters, we are also capable of handling the project. We professionally install a water heater to ensure they last and serve you for a long time.

Plumber holding a level over a kitchen sink install to ensure it is installed level
Plumber is tightening a clamp over a  drain sprout union.

Emergency Plumbing

If you have a plumbing emergency, we are one of the best companies to call. Whether your faucet is leaking, the water is not flowing, there is a burst pipe, or other plumbing emergencies, you can count on us.

Once in a while, we all have emergency plumbing needs. If your plumbing pipes and fixtures succumb to usage and time, they may malfunction, leak, or have other issues that will necessitate an emergency plumbing service. What matters is hiring a professional to handle the situation before it gets out of hand. This is why we render our unique services to the people of Southlake and other cities in Texas. You can take advantage of emergency plumbing services at any time. 

We render comprehensive emergency plumbing services that you can take advantage of if the situation arises. We also install pipes and fixtures to ensure ample response during emergencies like fire outbreaks and water leakage. We are experts in handling such situations as:

Blocked sewer line

A blocked sewer line can be disastrous if the situation is not attended to immediately. For you to dispose of waste better and timely, you can use our professional prompt services to ensure your sewer lines are working properly again.

Leaking pipes

The pipe in your kitchen or toilet can be leaking and this can lead to flooding if the situation is not promptly salvaged. We handle leaking pipes and ensure the situation does not get out of hand.

Water heater leakage

If your water heater is leaking, you need to call our services for urgent fixing. Whether the issue is from the tank or drain valve, our experts can fix it immediately.

Blocked bathroom drain

If your bathroom drain is blocked, it can impact your entire day. But you can save yourself the stress by contacting us.

Leaking gas lines

Leaking gas lines can lead to grave damages like fire outbreaks. To avoid such extreme situations, contact us today for our expert services.

Clogged sinks

Your sink can get clogged as a result of dirt or any other thing. You can enlist our professional services to get your sink flowing again.

Residential Plumbing

We offer all kinds of plumbing services in residential areas. We can service your sewage, and water heater, and meet your water needs. We handle projects for small houses as well as large residential areas like estates.

We render professional plumbing services in residential areas, including small homes and large housing projects. Whether you are just building the house or you are renovating or upgrading it, you will need a professional residential plumbing service provider to ensure the plumbing construction is as great as the rest of the construction. We have rich residential plumbing services that you can take advantage of. We render expert professional plumbing services for every aspect of your house. We are experts in interior as well as exterior plumbing.

Interior plumbing

We can handle every aspect of your interior plumbing to ensure your house runs smoothly. We can handle the plumbing in the necessary areas of your house including the:


We can fix your sink and pipes to ensure cooking, washing, and cleaning are smoothly done. We also render sink and pipe maintenance.

Bathroom and toilet

We can handle the pipe and fixtures in your bathroom and toilet to ensure water flows in and out smoothly.

Water heater installation

Whether you are installing your water heater in your bathroom, the basement, or any other location, we can handle the installation professionally. 

Exterior plumbing

We also handle all forms of exterior plumbing installations for residential buildings. We are experts in services like:

Roof gutter plumbing

We are experts in roof gutter plumbing to ensure that water is properly drained to the right collection point. 


We are also experts in installing outdoor sewage to ensure wastes are properly disposed of. 

Outdoor tap

We are also experts in installing outdoor water taps. If you want to construct water taps for your patio or other outdoor space, you can contact us to properly get the job done.

Commercial Plumbing

We are professionals in handling commercial plumbing services like water supply and all kinds of drainages like sewage. We offer our unique services to public places, industries, businesses, and other commercial outfits.

Whether you are building a new business structure or you are renovating an old one, the plumbing is an essential part that should be professionally done. If you are in Southlake Texas, you can get the best professional commercial plumbing services from us at Pro Plumber. We are licensed and insured to render professional plumbing services for business constructions, offices, manufacturing facilities, and so on. Commercial plumbing requires more technicality than residential plumbing. This is why you have to use our expert services to get your plumbing right. We render a wide range of commercial plumbing services, including:

Bathroom and toilet

We specialize in meeting bathroom and toilet plumbing needs in commercial spaces like parks, offices, and so on. 


Whether you have a restaurant or an eatery, or you want the best plumbing in your kitchen area, we are one of the best companies to hire for the job.

Water heating systems

We are specialists in installing and maintaining water heating systems for swimming pools. If you operate a leisure center that has a swimming pool, you will need our services to install water systems that regulate cold and hot water to serve your clients better. 

Water systems

Whether you are into agriculture, manufacturing, or other kinds of businesses, you will need water systems to get your business going. We are experts in installing water systems for manufacturing and construction companies, commercial agricultural outfits, leisure centers, etc.

Plumbing maintenance

We offer professional commercial plumbing maintenance services to companies and businesses in Southlake, Texas. To prevent disaster and extreme damages from occurring in your business space, we offer professional routine maintenance services to ensure your plumbing is working perfectly.

Plumbing Repairs

Whether your pipe is blocked, or it is low water pressure, a dripping faucet, clogged drains, or issues with your water heater, we can fix them. Perhaps you want to repair your sink, drain, sewer system, or any other kind of plumbing repair. We are experienced in a wide range of plumbing repairs and can handle any kind of plumbing situation. We render repair services to both commercial and residential areas. We can take on small and large projects.

Drain Cleaning

Cleaning your drain is essential to keep it running smoothly. You can hire our professional services to clean your drain routinely. If your drain is very dirty, you can also hire a one-time service to get it clean.

Water Heater Service & Installation

While the water heater is an essential device in the home and office space, it can only function as expected if it is in good condition. A wrongly installed water heater and a faulty water heater will not give you the best experience. If you’re in Southlake Texas, you can enlist our professional services to ensure your water heater is well installed and repaired if the need arises. We have impressive water heater plumbing services that you can take advantage of.

Sewer Services

We offer comprehensive sewer services that can meet all kinds of sewage needs. You can use our residential sewer services to ensure your wastewater flows appropriately to avoid home disasters. If you own a company, you can also hire our industrial sewer services to ensure your chemicals and other elements drain appropriately. We also offer storm sewer services.