Bob Jones Park

Bob Jones Park is almost 500 acres in size and is Southlake’s largest and most diverse park. The majority of the park’s land consists of native Cross Timbers habitat. Boo Boo’s Buddies Dog Park, a softball complex, soccer grounds, a six-acre pond with a lit fishing pier, and various hiking, biking, and equestrian routes are all included inside the park.

The park is named for Bob Jones, a prominent figure in the community who also owned a portion of the land that was later donated to the city for use in the creation of the park. Over the course of more than half a century, the Jones family had made their home in the Southlake area, and several of Bob Jones’s sons had operated a livestock auction barn near the intersection of Texas 114 and White’s Chapel Road. In 1949, the sons created a small cafĂ© in the auction barn where people of different races sat side-by-side to enjoy their meals. It’s possible that it was Texas’s first restaurant with integrated seating.

People that go there on vacation can find many things to do such as hiking, biking, fishing, walking, picnicking, horseback riding, and watching animals. Other activities include horseback riding and picnicking. The park is open to visitors starting at nine in the morning and going all the way until eleven in the evening. It is the ideal location for performing any type of physical activity, as well as enjoying leisure time in an atmosphere that is completely serene and relaxing.

The park has seen significant transformations throughout the course of its history, including the addition of a girl’s softball complex and an actual playground.

This softball complex is adjacent to Boo Boo’s Dog Park, (which was established in 2006) and can be reached by heading in the direction of the east. Approximately 2.5 acres make up this location. 2008 saw the beginning of operations at the Bob Jobes Preserve and Nature Center. These two locations are now well-known for the stunning natural habitat beauty that Southlake has to offer.

The atmosphere is more relaxing and inviting, making it ideal for socializing with close friends and family during free time. At this location, there are many new facilities that are being updated, such as the expansion of the restroom facility, canteens, and the others; we hope there will be so many improvements in the next few years.

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