Widowmaker Trail Rides

The Walnut Grove trail is the location of Widowmaker Trail Rides, which provide a guided equestrian excursion through the trail. The duration of each excursion is two hours; however, lengthier rides can be arranged at customer demand. The journey takes travelers through a variety of breathtaking landscapes, such as thick forests, creeks, meadows, hills, and the shoreline of Lake Grapevine. Please note that all rides require reservations in advance and that riders must be at least 12 years old to participate. The maximum number of persons that should be in a group is between four and six. Riders who are traveling alone will be included in a group. Private rides, on the other hand, can be arranged for a further cost. In addition, it is possible to make reservations for business functions.

Long horseback riding trips through Southlake and Grapevine offered by Widowmaker Trail Rides may at first appear intimidating, but once you’re astride a horse and experiencing them for yourself, you won’t have the same opinion. This horseback riding touring firm in Southlake, Texas, which is located on Quail Creek Ct., is well-known for its lengthy but rewarding excursions, which take riders through a variety of beautiful settings.

The ride is certain to provide nothing less than an unforgettable experience for riders. The guided horseback riding excursion will take you through thick woods, open meadows, rolling hills, creeks, and along the beaches of Lake Grapevine. Appointments are required in order to participate in activities such as horseback riding, picture sessions, and events.

The two-hour rides do come with training on how to stay safe and how to get the most out of the experience without compromising either one. The height and weight of each participant are taken into consideration when pairing them with a horse. In the event that you would want to take in the scenery all by yourself, solo riders are also welcome. The trail travels through the entirety of the Grapevine lake region, which spans more than one thousand acres and is comprised of woodlands, meadows, and creeks.

When you ride, helmets will be provided for you, so you won’t have to worry about staying safe while you’re out on the rides. You can call and ask for shorter rides if you’d like, despite the fact that the typical length of a ride is two hours. It is recommended that you arrive between 10 and 30 minutes early for your ride, and the website states that you must phone in advance to confirm your meeting place, as the location varies based on the ride! The lake ride rides may be the only thing in DFW that come close to simulating riding on the beach.

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