Kimball Hills

The modern residences in Kimball Hills, which can be found in Southlake area, are examples of the opulence and privacy for which this city in Texas is famous. Additionally, the residences in Kimball Hills are situated in a strategic location. The primary residential area is encircled on all sides by high-quality educational institutions, offices of varying sizes, various types of businesses, and major thoroughfares. The DFW International Airport and the tens of thousands of businesses that are located in the DFW area are both within close proximity to the subdivision.

The enormous single-family detached homes that make up the vast majority of the most recent real estate listings in Kimball Hills come equipped with as many as six bedrooms, as well as six bathrooms (both complete and partial), respectively. Living space is measured at an average of 5,500 square feet across the available real estate listings in Kimball Hills. Even homes with multiple children should be able to comfortably fit inside.

The neighborhood surrounding this subdivision is home to a significant number of public and private educational institutions. For instance, Eubanks Intermediate School, Old Union Elementary School, George Dawson Middle School, Carroll High School, and Carroll Senior High School are all located in close proximity to one another. In addition, workplaces and commercial establishments such as offices, retail outlets, and other commercial establishments are easily accessible from the neighborhood.

One of the primary benefits that is provided by this neighborhood is a sense of safety. In contrast to the crime rate in other areas that are located close to major thoroughfares and commercial hubs, the crime rate here is consistently low. You should have no problem allowing your young child to play independently outside, just as you did when you were a child. You don’t need to be concerned about your personal safety if you choose to go for hikes or bike rides, even at odd hours of the day.

In the area code 76092, you’ll find the upscale single-family community known as Kimball Hill Estates. In Southlake, the neighborhood may be found close to the crossroads where South Kimball Avenue and Crooked Lane meet. There are approximately 20 homes in the area. Schools within the Carroll Independent School District can be reached easily from this area.

Aside from its proximity to CISD recreational grounds, the Kimball Hill neighborhood can be reached in a matter of minutes from both Southlake Town Square and the Southlake Sports Complex. There is a wide range of possible prices for homes in the Kimball Hills area right now, from $900,000 all the way up to $1.2 million. There is a lot of optimism surrounding the future of property values in Kimball Hills as a result of the robust performance of the local real estate market.

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