Laurelwood Park

Property in Laurelwood Park is a great investment for families who want to live in a prestigious part of Southlake, Texas area, but don’t want to spend their life savings on a modest starter home. The Laurelwood Park real estate is attractive because of its convenient location. This neighborhood is conveniently located close to both DFW International Airport and the countless commercial establishments that make up the world-famous metroplex.

The most recent Laurelwood Park property offerings feature up to seven bedrooms and nine total baths, making them suitable for even the largest families. Laurelwood Park homes for sale often include game rooms and media rooms that are wired and ready to go for your video game and entertainment systems.

This area is full of excellent schools, museums, galleries, and other places where your child can expand his or her education beyond the classroom, so you won’t have any trouble finding a good fit for your child’s education. You can bond with kids while also sharing in the outdoors by taking advantage of any number of local parks, playgrounds, trails, picnic sites, and the like. In the meantime, there is no shortage of places to go out to eat, drink, and be merry with friends, spouses, and family members.

Traveling to Laurelwood Park is a great way to unwind and have fun. Only around eight years ago did they finish renovating and modernizing it. Among the natural shrubs and grasses is a new picnic area, bathrooms, lawn space, children’s play area with safety surfaces, and a meeting area for educational purposes.

A magnificent big oak tree anchors the paved walkway near the facilities and provides shade for the picnic tables on one side of the enormous lawn. Along the grassy area’s eastern border, a creek fed by a year-round spring flows along an accessible hiking trail before continuing eastward toward an earthen dam and, eventually, Laurelwood Drive and the bay.

Those who seek adventure can choose from a wide variety of trails across the park. Some are pleasant strolls along paved roads, while others are strenuous climbs into an untamed hillside; some are clearly marked, while others look like deer trails; the park is home to many deer, though they are only visible in the wee hours of the morning and evening.

There is never a worry about safety. The residents and their properties are protected in Laurelwood Park since it is a gated neighborhood with constant surveillance. The crime statistic speaks for itself, as it remains wonderfully low month after month. Since Southlake’s real estate market is improving, Laurelwood Park property prices should remain steady and appealing to buyers and investors.

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