Bicentennial Park

The acreage that now makes up Southlake’s finest park, Bicentennial Park, was the first in the city to be set aside specifically for park use. The Liberty Gardens, The Marq Southlake, the Southlake Tennis Center, baseball fields, a brand new playground, and more can all be found here, one of Southlake’s major parks.

The second stage of building has been finished. Phase Two included the Texas Rangers Miracle League Field, a new playground, a 60/90 baseball field, a new Park Maintenance Facility, upgrades to the original baseball 4-plex, a new cohasssion/restroom facility, the connection of Park Boulevard to White Chapel Boulevard, parking, trails, improved landscape, and irrigation upgrades, including a new water well.

The third and final phase of development at Bicentennial Park will bring with it a new restroom facility, a new Tennis Center building, two enclosed tennis courts, the completion of the trail system, improvements to the park’s landscape, turf, and irrigation systems, a synthetic turf field in place of the current in-line hockey court, and other amenities.

Kids of all ages will be delighted by the beautiful Bicentennial Park’s imaginative dragon-themed design. Among playgrounds, Bicentennial Park has some of the most stunning landscaping. This unusually designed playground with a water element and a dragon theme is fun for kids of all ages.

Small children will like the huge sandbox with playhouse and water feature that greets visitors upon entry. Following the path’s curves, you’ll come across a massive stone dragon with water spouting from its nostrils. A little stream for children to play in forms when water cascades down the side of the dragon’s body.

A colorful splash pad with fountains for children to run through serves as the focal point of the playground. For the younger children (2- to 5-year-olds), there are slides and swings located close to the front door and sandbox.

Back in the playground is where the older kids play. It’s best suited for preteens and up (the stated age is 5-12). It offers both conventional playground equipment and some more novel features, such as a stone wall that can be climbed.

It’s best to keep kids under the recommended age here, as there’s a path on the upper deck that has “peep holes” in the wall big enough for them to fall through. However, older children find it fascinating and have a great time using the peepholes to down the wall. Also available are swings of various designs, as well as a massive rope structure that can be climbed.

This playground has two primary access points (north and south entrances). The playground is situated in the middle of the park, despite the park’s overall size. From either route, continue going straight until you see the park on your left or right. There is a black fence in front and parking immediately to the side.

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